Monday, August 1, 2011

Siddhashram is a boon

Siddhashram is a boon, bestowed upon mankind, from our ancestors, saints, sages & Yogis of high order. This is synonymous to a paradise on the earth and finds its mention in "Rigveda", the oldest scripture of human civilization. A saint, revealing his expressions in Rigvedic hymns says, "Sometime or the other, when the most auspicious moment of my life arrives, I will certainly be able to enter Siddhashram and to perform the Sadhna practices of high order by sitting on its sacred ground".

Siddhashram has been described in hundreds of ancient scriptures. Maharishi Vashistha called it the fortune of man whereas Vishwamitra termed it as the real beauty of life. According to Maharishi Chyavan, there is a natural characteristic in the soil of Siddhashram to eliminate spontaneously the ailments of the body. Maharishi Pulastya says it is the dream of life and Kanad praising it says,"Only one or two among a thousand saints are fortunate enough to get the privilege of entering into Siddhashram". Bhishma, lying on the bed of arrows expressed his last wish before Lord Krishna that he wanted to go to Siddhashram with his mortal body. Yudhistir also, after the end of Mahabharat war, requested, Lord Krishna with joined palms, "If some of the virtues of my life are left and if you bestow your grace upon me, I wish to spend some part of my life in Siddhashram". Gorakhnath, addressing his disciples said, "The ultimate of Tantra and Sadhnas is the entrance into Siddhashram". At one place, Bhagvatpad Shankaracharya has said, "The fulfillment of human life can only be attained when one goes to Siddhashram and takes a holy dip in Siddhyoga lake".

It is my most cherished dream that my disciples might reach the divine land of Siddhashram where life is really unique, where consciousness has reached amazing levels, where there is real purity and sacredness, where there is divine radiance all around. I want them to experience all this and return to the world and tell the common man about that great spiritual land. I want them to tell everyone how one can reach the highest spiritual planes by giving up one's material goals.

Your sadgurudev

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