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UCHHISHT GANPATI SADHANA उच्छिष्ट गणपति साधना


उच्छिष्ट गणपति साधना होलीका दहन की रात्रि पर साधना करे
If some base ritual has been used against a person or family, life becomes worse than hell. A person under such evil influence becomes much harassed and powerless even though he might be a millionaire.
Tension, quarrels and unrest become common features of family life. All one's respect and social position is reduced to naught. Today hatred and jealousy are so strong that enemies and adversaries lose no time in using base rituals against you. These evil practices can completely destroy your life.
For warding off such evil influence try this Uchhisht Ganpati Sadhana with the help of which you can protect yourself from all negative forces in life.
Uchhisht Ganpati means Ganpati in an angry form standing ready to destroy one's enemies. Generally Ganpati is worshipped in a seated form, but in Tantrokt Sadhanas the Uchhisht or standing form of the Lord is worshipped because this form of the Lord is Vighneshvaraay i.e. it frees one of all problems. A Sadhak should try this Sadhana in an angry mood and with full force.
Early in the morning have a bath and wearing fresh clothes sit in your worship place at home facing East or North. Light incense and a ghee lamp. Keep some water ready in a copper tumbler. Place all these on a wooden seat covered with a red cloth. First offer prayers to the Guru by offering incense, flowers and vermilion on the Guru's picture. Then chant two rounds of Guru Mantra.
Then place before the Guru's picture a steel plate and on it draw a Swastik with vermilion or saffron. On it place a Uchhisht Ganpati Yantra.
Then join both palms and chant thus -
|| Om Gajananam Bhootgannaadhisevitam Kapith Jambu Falchaaru Bhaakshannam ||
Then chanting thus offer the indicated articles on the Yantra.
|| Om Gam Mangalmoortaye Namah Snaanam Samarpayaami ||
|| Om Gam Ekdantaay Namah Tilakam Samarpayaami ||
|| Om Gam Sumukhaay Namah Akshtaan Samarpayaami ||
(rice grains)
|| Om Gam Lambodaraay Namah Dhoopam Deepam Aaghrapyaami, Darshyaami ||
(ghee lamp)
|| Om Gam Vighnanaashay Namah Pushpam Samarpayaami ||
After this mix vermilion with rice grains and offer them on the Yantra chanting thus.
|| Om Lam Namaste Namah
Om Tvamev Tatvamasi
Om Tvamev Kevalam Kartaasi
Om Tvamev Kevalam Bhartaasi
Om Tvamev Kevalam Hartaasi
Om Gannaadhipataye Namah ||
Offer a spoonful of water on the Yantra.
Thereafter chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra with a coral rosary for 11 days.
होली की रात्रि पर ५१ माला जपने से समस्त मनोकामना पुण्य होता है साधना के बाद समस्त सामग्री को होलिका दहन मैं समर्पित करने से समस्त बांधा दूर हो जाता है
ॐ गं हूं तंत्र बांधा निवारणया श्रीं गणेशाय स्वाहा:
|| Om Gam Hum Tantra Baadhaa Nivaarannaay Shreem Ganneshaay Swaahaa ||
After completion of the Sadhana tie the Yantra and rosary in a red cloth and drop the bundle in a river or pond. One should complete this Sadhana between 4.10 to 6.45 am
'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan June 2000 '59'

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