Thursday, January 2, 2014

kundali jagran mantra part-2 by GUNJARANN KRIYA

कुंडलिनी जागरण मन्त्र प्रयोग भाग 2
ऊं गं गणेशाय नमः: ऊं ऐं सरस्वत्यै ऐं नमः : ऊं  नमः निखिलेश्वरायै :
Gunjaran is a technique in Kriya Yog.Gunjaran has two aspects - One is Shank method and other is called as Soham method.These two techniques are further divided into Samaanya Gunjaran and Advanced Gunjaran.
Now,coming back to Shank and Soham methods -- In Shank Samaanya Gunjaran method , an " uoooo" sound like that of blowing a Shank is produced by mouth without stopping breath .This initially can be done only for 1 minute or so. Now ,when the sadhak becomes successful in doing Samaanya Shank Gunjaran for 8 minutes, he or she has to close all openings of the body which includes two eyes, two ears,two nostrils,guda,linga and naabhi You have to sit with your left foot covering Guda,and right leg touching the ling area.Then you have to close your ears with thumbs and eyes with indexfinger.Close your nose with middle finger.Keep ring and small fingers on mouth.This mudra is called as Shambavi mudra.Take air through your mouth and start aantharik Gunjaran.This is Advanced Gunjaran.Then the sadhak's body develops heat and rises in air above ground level.On reaching 8 minutes gunjaran a sadhak enters samadhi automatically.
Dhyaan leads to samaadhi. Dhaarana means the sadhak places Guru in the Third Eye or Agya Chakra
Now coming to Soham Method the same process of initial Samaanya Gunjaran and Advanced Gunjaran have to be repeated with the mantra SOHAM.
Initialy it will be difficult to continue gunjaran without breath stopping.But Gurudev tells that if you are able to do 1 minute gunjaran you can accomplish 32 minute gunjaran also which is the perfect state.It is similar to the fact that if an aeroplane can fly 2 feet high,it can go 100 feet also
So the sadhak rises above gravity with all chakras activated at the same time and this results in Sahasraar Jaagran. Gunjarana Kriya is done to reach samadhi state. This results in Poornna Kundalini Jaagrann,which is never possible by normal Kundalini Jaagran technique in a single step,since all seven chakras have to be activated separately and if Kundalini misses the path it will result in mental imbalance of the person.
Gurudev has told that doing Gunjaran Kriya daily for 30 minutes is the best Guru dakshinna a disciple can offer me.Also Guruji tells that If Kundalini Jaagran is 10th standard, Gunjaran Kriya yog is M.A level Hence all disciples should do daily Gunjaran Kriya

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