Friday, May 2, 2014

changing the thoughts and personality

How can we deal with controlling the mind and changing the thoughts and personality traits? Most people today feel that it's human to think both negatively and positively, everyone has their weaknesses etc, why should we be 'goody- goody' etc. but they do not seem to understand that thinking negatively is firstly harmful to us and then it affects people around us. We may be ordinary human beings, but that does not mean we cannot be perfect in our thinking, in our values and way of living. What distinguishes the normal human from people like Gandhiji, or Florence Nightingale or Einstein or Mother Teresa - they all did not think ordinarily, their thoughts were elevated and pure. Everyone can control their thoughts, if they wish. Thoughts are the most powerful asset human beings have, but it is the least understood. We value science so much today, but we forget that it was the human mind that created that science. Ideas are changed into reality, which means those ideas and thoughts are greater than all the scientific inventions. It is important to first understand what the soul or spirit is. The body is made of 5 elements but what runs the body? Our thoughts, our decision-making power, our personality - are all these things part of the body? They cannot be because they are not physical things. It is impossible for scientists to analyse thoughts, but when those thoughts are used to make actions, then we can see them. It is just like electricity - we cannot see it will our naked eye, but when it changes to another form like light or heat then we can experience it. Similarly, the soul runs the body, but we cannot see with the physical eyes, because it is divine energy, a point of pure light. But it is so powerful that it can control the entire body. This soul has 3 main faculties - the mind (where thoughts are generated), the intellect (the decision -making power) and the personality traits (or sanskaars, as we say in Hindi). All these three things work in collaboration and influence each other. When we human beings first came on earth, we were pure, good, disciplined individuals - we were soul-conscious, meaning the bodily desires and bad vices were not present. But with time, the soul lost its spiritual energy and became weak. Then the vices like ego, anger, lust, attachment, greed entered and took over. You may ask why we have negative thoughts - the intellect has become weak and cannot control the thoughts that enter the mind. Even our sanskaars have become impure, we get angry easily, we say things we do not want to, we do things that are not nice. The environment also affects our thoughts - the books we read, our friends, television, even food. Most people will not agree with this, but the method of making the food, what thoughts did the cook have while cooking, while eating how was our mood etc.etc. EVERYTHING MATTERS! But, do not feel disappointed, there is a remedy. The entire world is going through a lot of suffering and it is because we have lost our spiritual energy. Only God can come and teach us about spirituality and how to become pure beings again. Through meditation we can learn about 1. The Self, enables you to be detached from physical factors and their limitations. 2. Knowing God, enables you to create a deep link of love and draw into yourself all attributes, virtues and powers from the Supreme Source. 3. Understanding the deep law of cause and effect (Karma), motivates you to settle debts of the past and perform elevated actions now. Total surrender to totality, to Supreme is the Ultimate realization. Realization in every deed (karm) can lead you to that total bliss. It is not like a lightening what will happen to you suddenly. First learn to surrender little by little. Learn to surrender to human humanity. First learn it, bring perfection into it, Then you will be able to surrender to that `Param' - which is the source of all Paramanand - Param + Anand. Spirituality does not mean that you have got the license to play according to your mind games. Spirituality is given to you to get connected to higher self And play the game of life According to natural self - real self - not your mind create self – Ego This is Truth.

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